How solitude can bring out the artist in you

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Being alone. Having some time to think. It’s an important aspect of life for all of us and especially true now that our lives are saturated with time consuming tasks; washing up; travelling to work; the work itself etc etc. However, having a creative mind means that it is essential to have alone time. Without solitude, you can find yourself unable to think creatively. The mind needs space! 

However confident you may be with your chosen art, it is all to easy to fall into mindless repetition. And while this may suit those who receive your creative gifts, it really doesn’t satisfy your need to create. Creativity is why you started doing what you are doing in the first place but it’s all too easy to fall into patterns of convenience once the initial creative spurt has served its purpose.

Being alone gives you time to gather your thoughts and ideas

Thoughts and ideas are what the creative industry relies upon to see it through. People without the time to respite from the daily grind will continually fall short of their creative potential. Solitude will enable the germination of ideas which, with enough nurturing, will grow into something wonderful.

The stigma attached to being alone is not something to be afraid of

Or necessarily something to consider being negative anyway. It is, in fact, extremely positive. You could even say it is essential. If your mind is cluttered, there is no space to think, or allow for ideas to float around until they find a wondrous tethering that becomes the best idea you ever had!

So, how can solitude bring out the artist in you?

It’s surprisingly easy if you have the time, not so easy when you are living a busy life. You need to be alone with you. Or as De La Soul would have it: ‘Me, Myself and I’. From this point of being, without distraction, without interruption, you will be free to explore. The more you do explore, the bigger your creative muscles will get. The brain is very much like a muscle in that the more you focus it onto any given task, the better you get at that task.

Even if your life is a busy one, there will always be hidden corners of time somewhere in your routine, and if it is that important you will utilise it like nobody’s business!

So, the next time you are sat at home alone, wondering what to do with yourself, use the time and mental space to start creating, allow your mind to flow and your heart to fly. It really can be quite exhilarating! And if you do hit a mental block don’t forget to check out my blog on how to use your creative block.

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